Pilot Limited Edition 2022 Capless (Vanishing Point Red) Coral Fountain Pen

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Pilot Limited Edition 2022 Capless (Vanishing Point Red) Coral Fountain Pen


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Pilot Limited Edition 2022 Capless (Vanishing Point) Red Coral Fountain Pen

The newest addition to the Vanishing Point Limited Edition Collection is called Red Coral. Pilot chose the red coral that grows at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea as the inspiration for the 2022 Limited Edition Vanishing point for its glimmering, vibrant red hues.

For thousands of centuries, amulets of coral were worn for protection during sea voyages. Coral is traditionally believed to guard against evil and ill will. Red is also the color that summons good fortune, health, and strength.

The 2022 Limited Edition Vanishing Point Red Coral is enhanced with a medium, 18 karat gold rhodium plated nib. This highly sought-after fountain pen is produced in a limited quantity of 2,022 pens worldwide.

The Capless barrel contains a mechanism, which allows the nib to retract into the barrel when not in use, just click to expose or retract the nib.

The pen is presented in a strikingly accented gift box in white and red, and is produced in a limited quantity of 2.022 pens worldwide.
A metal cartridge cap is also included for use with the ink cartridge.