Sailor Limited Edition King of Pens (KOP) Ebonite Syokei Naginata Togi Fountain Pen

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2023-12 Dec

Sailor Limited Edition King of Pens (KOP) Ebonite Syokei Naginata Togi Fountain Pen

  • $3,564.00SGD

Sailor Limited Edition King of Pens (KOP) Ebonite Ryokkyo Green Echo Naginata Togi Fountain Pen

Sailor King of Pen Naginata Togi Ebonite Syokei is a limited edition fountain pen with a Naginata Togi nib developed by skilled craftsmen. The Syokei is a marvel of the “Chirashi (scattering)” technique, including both pink and yellow flecks of ebonite scattered across the beige colored base of the pen.

Inspired by 'Tsurebiki', a masterful "Ukiyoe", Woodblock print, by the renowned Harunobu Suzuki, well known for his beautiful doll-like portrayal of people.
Captures a couple in love, and is known for the technique used to make it which includes mixing multiple colors of chalk to create texture and a feeling of magic in the piece. Reminiscent of this technique, the deliberate layering of colored ebonite creates an intricate texture and similar effect, echoing Suzuki’s unique method of incorporating chalk for neutral colors.

The Naginata Togi nib tip is considerably longer than a regular pen nib tip. The pen point is expertly ground and specially polished to resemble the blade shape of the famous Naginata Japanese long sword. The pen nib allows a broad range of writing angles enabling a smooth calligraphy style even when writing with light pressure.
The Naginata nib is a 21k gold Bicolour nib.

Only 500 fountain pens have been produced worldwide. Serial Number is laser engraved on the cap.
Each pen comes in a luxury wooden presentation box which adds to the pen's value and collectibility. A bottle of ink and ink cartridge two-pack is also included.